RM Approach

Optima Risk Management Approach

Optima Risk Management believes the development of a strong, responsible, proactive risk management program is essential to mitigate risk while providing the best possible dental care.  Dentists that follows risk management principles to deliver a higher quality of patient care, have a much better chance of avoiding or reducing the severity of claims.

Specific risk management techniques make it much easier to successfully defend a lawsuit, if one does occur. Following proactive risk management principles will not only provide best practices to defend a claim or lawsuit, but will improve patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Best Practices for the Dental Risk Management Program & Optima Risk Management Expectations of CHI Owners

The Board of Directors for California Healthcare Insurance Company, a RRG, (CHI), recognizes the importance of being proactive in preventing claims.  Although there are no “mandates” in the CHI policy regarding a CHI member’s participation in programs and guidelines promoted by Optima Risk Management Services, it is expected that each CHI member recognize that it is an owner of the CHI program, and that the success of the CHI program to control costs is highly dependent on each owner managing its exposures aggressively.  Periodically the Board of Directors will send directives to its owners in regards to specific activities proven to help mitigate claims.