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Providing Ownership, Control and Peace of Mind

In partnership with a group of Pacific Northwest dentists who have the desire to own and control their own professional liability insurance company, we are excited to announce a new strategic alliance – one that provides an immediate solution for coverage and ownership, eventually allowing for the formation of a stand-alone risk retention group.

Immediate coverage and ownership comes from joining an existing captive insurance company, California Healthcare Insurance Company, Inc., A Risk Retention Group (CHI).  CHI has a 30 year history of providing professional and general liability insurance to health care entities and physicians in California and Nevada.  Dentists in the Pacific Northwest have the opportunity to benefit from the high quality services, broad coverage and premium rate stability currently enjoyed by CHI’s owners.

CHI operates under the “doing business as” (DBA) names of Oregon Healthcare Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (OHI), Washington Healthcare Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (WHI), Alaska Healthcare Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (AHI) and Idaho Healthcare Insurance, A Risk Retention Group (IHI).  Throughout this website, CHI and its various DBA names are used interchangeably, in that they are the same company.

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